Welcome! I have added some links to a few of my favorite pieces.

Striped Top
Amazon love and lock dress.

I love this Blue dress. I was 5 months pregnant in this picture. I can still wear it postpartum. I absolutely love it.

Trying to model it for you guys =)
I love this stripe top that can be dressed up or down. This is definitely one of my favorites. You can get a bigger size for an oversized look.
This romper is adorable. Its the perfect length.

I love this romper!

Olive jumpsuit

Love this pink loose pull over knit sweater.

How cute are these tank body con dresses? They are my go to! Here is a link to the solid ones that you can wrap a striped long sleeve around your waist or even a denim one like Im wearing.
Frayed jeans
Love these frayed jeans from VICI. Search their Instagram for 20% off.

Frayed jeans

White tank

Love ripped jeans!

This top is from Old Navy. But you can also find the white one on AMAZON. Here is the link to the boy friend jeans. Keep in mind, I ripped mine some more so it can be two big holes.

Shirt is from express and jeans from old Navy.

How cute is this top from ASOS?

Amazon two piece

Cross bag

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