My go to face products

I have always suffered from acne prone skin and acne discoloration. These are the main products I use to keep my skin looking fresh. I am not an aesthetician. I am just a momma sharing what works for me! ❤


This peel is really strong. I use it every other week or once a weeks because I mix it with a moisturizer to keep my skin from burning. I only do this to keep my skin peeling lightly. If I decide to do a chemical peel without the moisturizer than I do it once every 4-6 weeks. I love peels but you should start with a lower concentration if you have never had a chemical peel.


Tree oil I am obsessed with! I put this on my face everynight. Any inflammation or redness is gone the next morning. Blemishes are notably reduced the next day. I mix this with a moisturizer and go to bed.


I absolutely love this moisturizer. It help with redness, irritation and dry skin. I use this after the peels and it helps prevent the burning sensation post chemical peels. I also use this as my night moisturizer. I recently discovered this moisturizer and so far do not have anything negative to say about it.

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