Welcome! I have added some links to a few of my favorite pieces.

Striped Top
Amazon love and lock dress.

I love this Blue dress. I was 5 months pregnant in this picture. I can still wear it postpartum. I absolutely love it.

Trying to model it for you guys =)
I love this stripe top that can be dressed up or down. This is definitely one of my favorites. You can get a bigger size for an oversized look.
This romper is adorable. Its the perfect length.

I love this romper!

Olive jumpsuit

Love this pink loose pull over knit sweater.

How cute are these tank body con dresses? They are my go to! Here is a link to the solid ones that you can wrap a striped long sleeve around your waist or even a denim one like Im wearing.
Frayed jeans
Love these frayed jeans from VICI. Search their Instagram for 20% off.

Frayed jeans

White tank

Love ripped jeans!

This top is from Old Navy. But you can also find the white one on AMAZON. Here is the link to the boy friend jeans. Keep in mind, I ripped mine some more so it can be two big holes.

Shirt is from express and jeans from old Navy.

How cute is this top from ASOS?

Amazon two piece

Cross bag

My go to face products

I have always suffered from acne prone skin and acne discoloration. These are the main products I use to keep my skin looking fresh. I am not an aesthetician. I am just a momma sharing what works for me! ❤


This peel is really strong. I use it every other week or once a weeks because I mix it with a moisturizer to keep my skin from burning. I only do this to keep my skin peeling lightly. If I decide to do a chemical peel without the moisturizer than I do it once every 4-6 weeks. I love peels but you should start with a lower concentration if you have never had a chemical peel.


Tree oil I am obsessed with! I put this on my face everynight. Any inflammation or redness is gone the next morning. Blemishes are notably reduced the next day. I mix this with a moisturizer and go to bed.


I absolutely love this moisturizer. It help with redness, irritation and dry skin. I use this after the peels and it helps prevent the burning sensation post chemical peels. I also use this as my night moisturizer. I recently discovered this moisturizer and so far do not have anything negative to say about it.

Making time for the GYM

Hi guys!

I wanted to share with you guys how I balance my life and find time to work out. I am a full time RN and I work the night shift. Also, I have a 14 month old baby boy who requires a lot of time. My husband and I promised one another that we would make sure our son grows in a home full of love, hard working parents and a healthy lifestyle. If he sees us pushing one another and making time for the gym he will most likely do the same. I want to take you through a day in my shoes so you can see how I incorporate fitness in my life. I will include a work day and a regular day.

Day 1 (work): I wake up around 7am (when my son wakes up). I begin by warming up his bottle. I go into the room to change his diaper and out of his pajamas. I feed him his morning milk and then i sit him on the high chair to make breakfast for the both of us. I then play with him and wait till my husbands aunt gets home to watch him while I nap (I work nightshift). Around 3pm I wake up and give my son a bottle. I get ready for crossfit and leave the house with my son at 3:50pm. The workout starts at 4:15pm and ends around 5:20pm. I drive home to shower and get ready for work. I work from 6:45pm- 8am the next day.

Day 2 (non-working day): I wake up around 7am (when my son wakes up). I begin by warming up his bottle. I go into the room to change his diaper and out of his pajamas. I feed him his morning milk and then i sit him on the high chair to make breakfast for the both of us. I play with him and then give him lunch around 11pm. He takes his nap around 12pm and thats when I catch up with school and home duties. By 3pm Im exhausted and ready to call it quits but instead I push myself to go work out at crossfit with my son. Again, 4:15pm work out and get home around 5:45pm.

I hear many people complain about not having time for the gym but I think its that they don’t prioritize working out. On days that I dont work, I try to do as much as possible in order to go to the gym at 4:15pm. If i can’t get to everything in my todo list then I leave it for the next. One thing I know is that Working out is on the top of that list. The gym will take one hour of my day and It will get done. Dont get me wrong, I do have lazy days where I dont want to work out. That is where my husband comes in and pushes me to go or I leave it for a later time. Sometimes when I’m extremely tired or just not feeling it I will skip the gym but usually my husband does a pretty good job at convincing me to go.

My son and I at crossfit

My son enjoys the time out of the house as well. I try to get there early so he can run around because I usually keep him in his stroller for the 30-45 min. We all have busy schedules but we also spend more than an hour on instagram, Facebook and googling. Let’s push one another! Get up and GO! Its not easy but its simple!